We recently launched a vDfyn vault that allows the Dfyn community members to stake their $DFYN tokens and earn a share of the protocol fees in return. As anticipated, the vDfyn vault has proved to be a hit amongst the community with over 1350 users staking their Dfyn tokens in the vault. At the time of writing, the vDfyn vault has more than 2.5 million $DFYN tokens, which is approximately 8% of DFYN’s circulating supply.

As many of you might know, the idea for vDfyn vault was inspired by Sushi’s xSushi vault. However, most of the readers might be unaware…

Many Eco-Farms and DFYN-ROUTE were renewed and the UST-USDC pair was added

In this Farming update of Dfyn, we are pleased to announce that the following Eco-Farms which were ending on September 22, 2021, were renewed for 30 days.

DFYN-MATIC, DFYN-UNI, DFYN-LINK, DFYN-LUNA, DFYN-CRV, and DFYN-AAVE were part of eco-system farms which were renewed. All of the renewed eco farms will support rewards of 2000 DFYN/day except DFYN-LUNA which will support rewards of 5,000 DFYN/day.

Apart from the eco-farms, DFYN-ROUTE (Dual Farms) were also renewed with updated rewards of 20,000 DFYN and 4000 ROUTE/day.

A new popular farm was also…

Amun / 21Shares has approached Dfyn to include $DFYN in their Polygon index token. We’re forwarding this proposal to the community to vote on whether to approve this partnership.

As part of the deal, Dfyn would provide $880,000 in $DFYN to seed the index. Dfyn would then receive an equal amount in the index token, which would be backed by funds from the other projects involved.

To begin with, MATIC makes up 50% of the index composition. As the Polygon system matures, the expectation is that amount of MATIC in the index reduces to make way for more project tokens…

We are pleased to introduce Booster Rewards for vDfyn pool. The Booster rewards trace their roots to the first Dfyn Governance Vote — DIP001 which was about getting the community to decide on allocating the fees earned by Dfyn before vDfyn was introduced.

Over 250 community members participated in the voting and the winning choice was to compound Dfyn in DFYN/USDC pool and distribute rewards to Dfyn stakers.

The Dfyn team is excited to announce a partnership with Bonded Finance! With this partnership, DFYN and ROUTE will be added as collateral types to the Bonded Finance platform, allowing users to take out stablecoin loans while retaining exposure to the success of DFYN and ROUTE tokens.

What is Bonded Finance?

Bonded Finance is an all-inclusive DeFi solution for alt token holders. Its mission is to create innovative financial tools that empower everyone to invest like a professional. The Bonded Finance platform will be more than a simple lending and borrowing platform. …

We are excited to announce the launch of vDfyn, Dfyn Network’s token with enhanced governance privileges. vDfyn represents a natural next step in the evolution of the DFYN network and is designed to align the Dfyn community’s interests with that of DFYN AMM more closely. In addition to distributing any fees captured by the AMM back to the community, the upcoming token is set to unlock a whole new set of opportunities for $DFYN holders, including revenue sharing from other DFYN product verticals such as the prediction markets. …

Recapping Dfyn’s Accomplishments in the last two weeks

Another fruitful fortnight for Dfyn as we continue to build partnerships and additional use cases for our community. Sharing our major highlights from the past two weeks.

IntoTheBlock Analytics Integration

Dfyn.network recently partnered with Attrace to launch a referral program where users can earn referral fees for referring liquidity providers to Dfyn without having to allocate any capital themselves. Current pairs include ROUTE-USDC, ROUTE-ETH, DFYN-ROUTE, DFYN-USDC, and DFYN-ETH. Since a lot of the community members are still unclear on how to register as a promoter for Dfyn, our friends at Attrace helped us in making this step-by-step guide for the same.

Stage 1 — Registering as a Promoter

Step 1: Start by heading over to the Attrace Referral Marketplace, https://attrace.com. You will find all promotions on the front page. …

With the fifth phase of yield farming on Dfyn.network coming to an end, we are excited to announce the sixth phase of the liquidity mining initiative on Dfyn.network.

Ever since the launch of $DFYN token in early May, Dfyn exchange has witnessed tremendous growth, both in terms of user base and TVL. In our bid to reward community members who have consistently demonstrated their faith in the project, Dfyn has launched an elaborate liquidity incentivization campaign. The first five phases of this campaign have enabled Dfyn.network to maintain its position as one of the top DEXes on Polygon. …

Dfyn ChangeLog 01 is here

Starting now, we will be publishing improvement changelogs periodically. Our first Dfyn ChangeLog is about UI improvements we recently deployed on the UI interface. The idea is to keep our community updated about the changes which are happening on the product, especially about the features which affect the user experience.

DCL : 01 is all about UI improvements on the Dfyn website.

$DFYN Balance Visual

Dfyn modal at the top now only shows the balance you have in your meta mask, to check farm earnings user needs to click on the Dfyn icon and check the unclaimed $DFYN…

Dfyn Network

Dfyn.network is redefining DeFi for masses.

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