Dfyn Governance Vote 2: Index Token with Amun

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2 min readSep 22, 2021


Amun / 21Shares has approached Dfyn to include $DFYN in their Polygon index token. We’re forwarding this proposal to the community to vote on whether to approve this partnership.

As part of the deal, Dfyn would provide $880,000 in $DFYN to seed the index. Dfyn would then receive an equal amount in the index token, which would be backed by funds from the other projects involved.

To begin with, MATIC makes up 50% of the index composition. As the Polygon system matures, the expectation is that amount of MATIC in the index reduces to make way for more project tokens. The remainder of the 50% currently is composed of protocol tokens weighted using the averaged ratio of market cap and DEX liquidity.

In addition to DFYN, the projects that will be included are QuickSwap, QiDao, Aavegotchi, and Adamant. Dfyn’s weight would be 4.4% of the entire index.

PECO will be made available on both Polygon and Ethereum. They propose to deploy the seed capital in two liquidity pools to help facilitate trading:

  • On Polygon: PECO–MATIC ($10m)
  • On Ethereum: PECO–MATIC ($10m)

Benefits of this partnership

Being part of Index will give Dfyn extra visibility and allow an entirely new set of users to have exposure to $DFYN. For example, users who are too busy to cherry-pick tokens on Polygon might prefer to just hold the Index token.

Amun will commit to marketing the token through giveaways, listings, and social media content.

Vote : https://governance.dfyn.network/#/proposal/Qma5y3kcVKx4GJDP3Kck9UfGofqsdGz4nNrujfHfSPJMi2

Additional resources:

Dfyn Discord channel: https://discord.com/invite/yjM2fUUHvN

(Please discuss the proposal in #governance channel of Dfyn community)

Amun website: https://amun.com/

Amun Discord channel: https://discord.gg/N9nQh65mTq

Quorum standards:

The option must receive more than 50% of the vote to pass.


Yes: Partner with Amun

No: Do not partner with Amun

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