Recapping DFYN’s Accomplishments in the 3rd Week of August

For those who haven’t been keeping up, it’s been an eventful week for DFYN. This article is a summary of all the developments that have occurred over the past week.

Dfyn Lists on DeFi Pulse

DeFi pulse is an analytics platform that keeps TVL statistics and ranks decentralized finance protocols. It is also a powerful resource aggregator, with its well-known “DeFi lists” serving as a valuable trove of information for researchers and potential investors. It also offers a newsletter called “DeFi Pulse Farmer” that covers the latest news in the DeFi space. Currently, Dfyn is ranked #36 on this site.

Dfyn Lists on Cryptofees

Cryptofees is another analytics platform that informs users on fee revenues for various DeFi protocols. In the short days since listing, Dfyn is already one of the top revenue-generating platforms, surpassing popular projects like Cardano and xDai.

First Governance Vote Launched

We announced the launch of Dfyn community governance and kicked it off with our first governance vote. DFYN holders will decide what to do with protocol revenues. Currently, bought-back Dfyn is being provided as liquidity. The community can decide if that liquidity should be pulled and the USDC half should be used to buy back additional DFYN.

Prediction Markets Overhaul

We released v2 of our prediction markets, adding additional 15m and 60m time frames, revamping our fee structure, and laying the groundwork for additional markets.

Read more about it here

Attrace Staking Program

We recently partnered with Attrace to launch a first-of-a-kind referral program where users can earn referral fees for referring liquidity providers to Dfyn. Current pairs include ROUTE-USDC, ROUTE-ETH, DFYN-ROUTE, DFYN-USDC, and DFYN-ETH.

Exchange Listings

We have listed AFK and TRADE to our exchange, allowing users to provide liquidity and trade these new assets.

Farms Launching Friday

New farms will launch on Friday in the following pairs:

AGA-AGAr (AGA Rewards)


AGAr-DFYN (DFYN Rewards)




About Dfyn

Dfyn is a multi-chain AMM DEX currently functional on the Polygon network. Dfyn nodes on various chains act as liquidity entry and exit points into the cross-chain liquidity super mesh that is being enabled by Router Protocol.



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