Dfyn’s Multi-Chain Expansion: Arbitrum or zkSync

Dfyn’s Multi-Chain Expansion: Cast Your Vote for ZK Sync or Arbitrum

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3 min readMay 9, 2023


Dfyn is dedicated to growing as a decentralized finance platform and becoming a prominent multi-chain solution. As we embark on this journey, we are excited to expand our presence across a variety of chains, and we need your help to determine which ones to prioritize.

To kickstart this process, we have shortlisted two outstanding Layer 2 solutions for our immediate expansion plans: zkSync and Arbitrum.

Vote now, until live until 9:00 A.M. UTC Friday, May 12, 2023: Dfyn Governance Vote: zkSync or Arbitrum

In order to make an informed decision, we are turning to our community to guide us in selecting which chain to focus on first. In this article, we outline the advantages of both zkSync and Arbitrum, provide information on how you can participate in this crucial decision, and share vital voting considerations.

Advantages of zkSync

Extremely low transaction fees: Benefit from lightning-fast transactions at minimal costs.

Impressive throughput: Achieve up to 20,000 TPS, ensuring a smooth user experience even during high-traffic periods.

Robust security: Leverage zk-rollup technology for on-chain data availability and cryptographic validity.

Advantages of Arbitrum

Cutting-edge optimistic rollup technology: Enjoy enhanced security and scalability without compromising decentralization.

Seamless EVM compatibility: Effortlessly integrate with Ethereum-based tools and applications.

Blossoming ecosystem: Be a part of a rapidly growing network of high-profile projects already utilizing Arbitrum.

Grant incentives: Dfyn has been offered a grant of 75,000 $ARB tokens from Arbitrum, providing further motivation to expand on their platform.

How to Vote

Our community can vote between the following options:

Option 1: zkSync

Option 2: Arbitrum

By casting your vote here: Dfyn Governance Vote: zkSync or Arbitrum you can directly impact the future direction of Dfyn’s multi-chain expansion. Your opinion is invaluable, and together we can build the optimal platform for our users.

Important Voting Details

To participate in the voting process, you must hold a minimum of 100 vDFYN tokens. Please note that this vote is open for one week only. The governance event will remain live until 9:00 A.M. UTC on Friday, May 12, 2023.

Voting Considerations

All DFYN holders on Polygon will receive one vote per DFYN token held. Unfortunately, DFYN token holders on Ethereum are not eligible to participate in this vote.

Users who have staked their DFYN tokens in vaults and provided DFYN token liquidity on Dfyn Exchange (whether or not they have staked their LP tokens in any Dfyn Exchange farms) will have 1.5x voting power, meaning they will be given 1.5 votes per DFYN token staked.

(Note that votes against DFYN LP tokens staked on other yield aggregating platforms won’t be considered.)

Users who have staked their DFYN tokens in vDfyn vault will have 2x voting power, meaning they will be given 2 votes per DFYN token staked.

This proposal uses the single-choice voting strategy, meaning each voter’s entire voting power can be allocated to only one of the two options.

Quorum Standards

The option that receives more than 50% of the votes will be declared the winner.

Your participation in shaping Dfyn’s multi-chain future is crucial. Be a part of the future! Dfyn Governance Vote: zkSync or Arbitrum



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