Simplifying conversion of multiple tokens into one single token

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Dfyn Fusion — a product designed to streamline the token conversion process for our users. Fusion will allow users to carry out complex swaps by enabling them to convert multiple tokens to a single token in just one click.

The developers at Dfyn have been busy, with lots of work going on behind the scenes to develop cutting-edge products and tools for our community. Fusion is just one of many new products and features that will be launched this month. We hope you’re as excited as we are for those products!

Fusion is a product designed to take the user experience on DEXes to the next level. It allows users to convert multiple ERC20 tokens (including LP tokens) into a single token in just one transaction. For example, users can convert both MATIC and ETH into DFYN in just one step:

What is even more exciting about this feature is that it isn’t limited to just two tokens. In fact, there is no limit to the number of token inputs you can add to a swap! Got token dust laying around in your wallet? Convert them all to a single asset with a single conversion transaction.

Making this feature even better is its support for LP token swaps. Users will be able to manage their Dfyn liquidity positions with ease and can exit positions directly with the fusion tool. The tool does the work of breaking down the LP tokens into underlying positions in the background prior to completing the swap — saving users many clicks and transactions.

LP tokens can also be converted into single token using Fusion

There’s more! Users also have the option to select LP tokens and ERC20 tokens and convert them to a single asset using Dfyn Fusion. For example, a user could take their WMATIC/USDC LP as an input, add WETH as a second input, and trade it all to WBTC in one trade.

All trades conducted through Fusion utilize the Dfyn pathfinder algorithm, ensuring that trades are optimized for profitability. The pathfinder algorithm utilizes real-time prices across Dfyn liquidity pools to find trade routes that have the lowest possible slippage and fee.


Managing token portfolios can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Fusion makes portfolio management and trading much easier and time-efficient, simplifying the process down to a single click. To try out Fusion for yourself, check out this link!

Important Note: Fusion is in beta mode right now so use at your own risk. We suggest not swapping large amounts on Fusion till it goes live on the main website.

Currently, Fusion is live in our staging environment and will soon be integrated into our mainnet. You can play with Fusion here:

You can provide your feedback on Fusion in our Telegram or Discord group.

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