Introducing DFYN Yield Farming Phase 10

Important Notes:

  • Ongoing Farms: The launch of new farms will not affect the state of existing farms. All the ongoing farms will continue to function as they are intended to.
  • Burning rewards: Staking funds in our phase 9 popular farms comes with an early redemption option which enables users to opt-out of vesting their $DFYN rewards by forsaking 35% of their rewards. As we did with the previous phases of farming, the proceeds from the ninth phase of farms will be collected and burnt within a couple of weeks.

Popular Farms

Polygon Farms

Polygon Popular Farms

Fantom Farms

Fantom Popular Farms

Dual Farms


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-- is redefining DeFi for masses, Trade at

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Dfyn Network

Dfyn Network is redefining DeFi for masses, Trade at

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