Introducing DFYN Yield Farming Phase 4

We are pleased to announce the fourth phase of Dfyn Farms. Our last three phases of yield farming have been a massive success and have helped us maintain over $230 million in TVL.

A lot of new things are happening in our labs — we are gearing towards expanding Dfyn Exchange on other chains. Dfyn recently added support to OKEx chain and we are planning to target many other chains by the end of this quarter.

As we are going to launch a new phase of farming — please note that all of your existing farms will continue to function as they intended to. This is a launch of new farms and does not change anything about the previous ongoing farms.

Before we dive into the farming categories — here are some key updates :

Partner Farms: Dfyn is going to launch a new category of farms called “Partner Farms” where the entire rewards for the farm will be given out by the partner projects. Introducing this will provide new projects with access to world-class farming infrastructure for free and will help us responsibly scale Dfyn. The farms will be added over the period of time and are not live yet.

Early Redemption Rate change: Earlier users in Popular Farms had an option to withdraw their rewards early if they agreed to burn 50% of the entire yield. Starting now — users will be able to withdraw their entire yields early if they agree to burn just 35% of the yields. That means that 65% of the rewards will be immediately available in the first tranche of vesting compared to 50% earlier.

OKEx Farms: We recently launched Dfyn AMM on OKExChain and will soon start farming initiatives there to bootstrap liquidity.

Router Mainnet: Router Protocol testnet was launched recently which allows seamless liquidity transfers in a multi-chain environment. It also enables cross-chain swaps. Dfyn will be leveraging Router Protocol’s mainnet for transferring liquidity from one chain to another and Dfyn will plug into Router’s super liquidity mesh. Dfyn Farms will also support various liquidity farms for Router Protocol’s liquidity program.

Single Asset Vaults

DFYN 4 month Vault

In this pool, Dfyn community can stake up to 300,000 $DFYN tokens for a duration of 4 months and earn 60,000 $DFYN tokens as rewards. This would translate to extra 20% tokens for staking your tokens for 4 months. In other words — for every $DFYN token you stake, you receive 0.2 $DFYN token as a reward in 4 months. The vault will fill up on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The initial capital and the rewards accrued can be claimed linearly over the period of 4 months.

DFYN 6 month Vault

In this pool, $DFYN token holders can stake up to 400,000 $DFYN tokens for a duration of 6 months and earn 160,000 $DFYN tokens as rewards. This would translate to extra 40% tokens for staking your tokens for 6 months. Basically, for every $DFYN token you stake, you receive 0.4 $DFYN token as a reward in 6 months.

Dual Farming Pools

Dual Farming pools allow users to stake LP tokens and earn rewards in 2 different tokens.

Dual Farm: Stake ROUTE/DFYN LP Tokens

In the ROUTE/DFYN LP pool — members of the Dfyn and Router communities will have the option to stake their ROUTE/DFYN LP tokens for a duration of 1 month and earn $DFYN and $ROUTE tokens as rewards. This pool will have daily rewards of 4,000 $ROUTE tokens and 10,000 $DFYN tokens which will be distributed amongst all liquidity providers in proportion to their liquidity position in the pool. In dual farms, there is no lock-in period of assets and also rewards will accrue block by block and can be claimed and withdrawn anytime.

Popular and Stablecoin Pools

There will be a total of 18 pools that will allow users to stake their stablecoins, including DAI, USDT, and USDC as well as other coins like WBTC, ETH, DFYN, MATIC, ROUTE, CURVE, and LINK for a period of 1 month. These pools will have high rewards resulting in significant APRs. The rewards can be claimed at the end of the staking period i.e. 1 month. Liquidity providers will have the choice between delayed vesting of rewards over a period of 6 months (25% in 4 tranches — Month 0, Month 2, Month 4, Month 6) or an immediate unlock of all rewards by claiming 65% of their rewards at the end of the staking period. The remaining unclaimed 35% of rewards will be burnt immediately, in case of the early redemption option.

New Eco-System Farms

We are adding various new eco-system farms for communities that want to farm their token with $DFYN token. The Eco-system farms will support 6 additional farms from established projects with $DFYN farms.

The following new eco-system farms are being added to the fourth phase of the Dfyn Yield Farms. Please note that the rewards are in the $DFYN token.

About Dfyn

Dfyn is a multi-chain AMM DEX currently functional on the Polygon network. Dfyn nodes on various chains act as liquidity entry and exit points into the cross-chain liquidity super mesh that is being enabled by Router Protocol.



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