Introducing DFYN Yield Farms Phase 13

  1. With this phase of farms, we are discontinuing the ROUTE-DFYN dual farm.
  2. We are reintroducing DFYN’s single asset vault which will give a 50% fixed APR.

Popular Farms

There will be a total of 6 pools that will allow users to stake their stablecoins, such as USDT and USDC, and other popular coins like WBTC, ETH, ROUTE, DFYN, and MATIC for a period of 30 days. These pools will have high rewards resulting in significant APRs. The rewards can be claimed at the end of the staking period i.e., 30 days. Liquidity providers will have the choice between delayed vesting of rewards over a period of 6 months (20% in 5 tranches — Day 0, Month 2, Month 4, Month 6, Month 8) or an immediate unlock of all rewards by claiming 65% of their rewards at the end of the staking period with the remaining rewards burnt.

DFYN Single Asset Vault

About Dfyn

Dfyn is a multi-chain AMM DEX currently functional on the Polygon network and Fantom. Dfyn nodes on various chains act as liquidity entry and exit points into the cross-chain liquidity super mesh that is being enabled by Router Protocol.



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