Rewards Galore: Dfyn Brings Back its Trading Competition with a Prize Pool of 35,000 $DFYN

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4 min readSep 13, 2022


Just a few days ago, we introduced RFQ-based orders as part of the Dfyn V2: Mainnet launch. If you missed it, you can check out the full announcement here.

With RFQ-based orders, we have taken Dfyn one step closer to becoming the robust multi-chain AMM we want it to be. Our RFQ model automatically requests quotes from multiple market makers and provides the traders with the best quote that they can choose to accept. This upgrade will undoubtedly help traders execute large transactions with minimal slippage at the best price.

However, innovation without adoption is just half a job done.

Hence, in order to incentivize the traders of Web 3.0 to use Dfyn V2, we are elated to announce the launch of our latest trading contest with a prize pool of 35,000 $DFYN.

Not unlike our previous contests, this contest is also divided into two parts. Read on to know all about the contest.

Part 1: The Traders’ Paradise

For this part of the contest, we have a prize pool of 15,000 $DFYN that would be distributed amongst the top 10 traders who execute trades with the highest volume.

Here are the guidelines for eligibility:

  1. For a trade to be indexed, it should have a minimum ticket size of $100.
  2. The trade should be an RFQ-based order.
  3. The qualified pairs for transactions are:

To confirm whether or not the trade is going through RFQ, you can hover on the “Auto Router” symbol before clicking on the swap button:

Trader’s Paradise will be live for the next 10 days, i.e., from September 13, 17:00 UTC to September 23, 17:00 UTC.

If your eligible transactions amount to a volume that puts you in the top 10, your wallet address and transaction volume will be listed on our dynamic leaderboard, along with the details of all the other participants relative to your position.

The leaderboard will be updated in real-time throughout the next 10 days and will be locked in as soon as the contest period ends.

You can view the leaderboard at

Once the contest ends, the prize pool of 15,000 $DFYN will be distributed amongst the top 10 contestants with the following distribution:

  • First Position: 4500 $DFYN
  • Second Position: 3000 $DFYN
  • Third Position: 1800 $DFYN
  • Fourth Position: 1500 $DFYN
  • Fifth Position: 1200 $DFYN
  • Sixth Position: 900 $DFYN
  • Seventh Position: 750 $DFYN
  • Eighth Position: 600 $DFYN
  • Ninth Position: 450 $DFYN
  • Tenth Position: 300 $DFYN

Note: The trading competition leaderboard is updated every 5–10 minutes. As a result, we would like to urge the participants not to be alarmed if their trades do not appear immediately.

Part 2: The Social Experiment

For the second leg of the contest, we’re looking to build social awareness within the Web 3.0 community for Dfyn V2. As a participant, you have to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Go to Dfyn Exchange and use RFQ to get the quotes for any of the following trading pairs:


Step 2: Go to QuickSwap on Polygon and take a screenshot of the quote they are providing for the same pair. Make sure to include in the screenshot a quote higher than what Dfyn Exchange is offering.

Step 3: Compose a tweet showing the comparison between Dfyn Exchange and the QuickSwap (insert link) on Polygon. Tag us at: and use the hashtag #bestDEXonPolygon

Every day during this campaign, we will distribute a reward of 100 DFYN to the first 20 users who complete these 3 steps.

Our aim with this contest is to build awareness about Dfyn’s peerless capabilities. If you have any queries about the rules of participation or if you need any technical support, feel free to join our communities on Discord and Telegram to get all the support you might require.

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