Three Months of $DFYN: Looking back, and a glimpse of the road ahead

Dfyn IDO on Polkastarter

Pre-IDO Buzz

  • Over 70,000 applications for a total of 1200 whitelist spots.
  • Our Telegram & Twitter community grew by 500% to 20,000+ strong members.
  • Our tweets received over 1,000,000 impressions in the week preceding the IDO.
  • Our IDO whitelisting announcement article on Medium received over 60K views.


Post IDO

Product Launches

Dfyn Exchange on Polygon

Dfyn Exchange Current Statistics

Dfyn’s Incentivized Liquidity Mining Ecosystem

Dfyn AMM node on OKExChain

New Router Protocol XCLP Testnet

  1. Revamped UI
  2. Support for cross-chain swaps
  3. A dedicated dashboard for users to check their token balances, liquidity positions, and latest transactions
  4. A liquidity mining program to incentivize users to stake their liquidity on the bridge
  5. Support for more tokens — USDT, USDC, DAI, ROUTE, DFYN

Prediction Markets on Dfyn


Terra Money






Ferrum Network

Looking Ahead

OKExChain Incentivized Liquidity Mining Program

  • Stage: Development
  • Popular Farms planned in August 2021

Dfyn UI Revamp

  • Stage: Development
  • Launch planned in Late August — Early September 2021.

Router Mainnet

  • Stage: Testing and Audit
  • Launch planned in late August/early Sept 2021

New Iteration of Prediction Markets

  • Stage: Design
  • Launch planned in September 2021

Partner Farms, Do-Your-Own-Farms (DYOF)/Farming-As-A-Service

  • Stage: Design
  • Launch planned in September 2021

Dfyn V2

Governance: Launch of Governance Forum and the DFYN DAO



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