Unleashing the Power of DeFi Trading: Introducing DFYN V2 on Arbitrum

Dfyn Network
2 min readAug 4, 2023


Leverage Arbitrum’s unrivaled capabilities paired with Dfyn V2’s intuitive trading ecosystem to unlock a seamless trading experience.

Dfyn V2’s building blocks were constructed with a simple vision: create an all-in-one purely decentralized financial tool that caters to every requirement that a trader or a liquidity provider might have.

Needless to say, this grand vision could only be realized by extending our capabilities across multiple blockchain networks. As always, we make every decision in a decentralized, community first manner. So we opened up the floor to our community to let us know which network they wanted to use Dfyn V2 on the most.

After an internal poll, the results were clear.

Arbitrum was the way forward.

And now we are ecstatic to announce that Arbitrum is now the official Layer 2 scaling solution for Dfyn V2 Mainnet.

Check out our Arbitrum’s info page here: https://info.dfyn.network/arbitrum

With this integration, Dfyn V2 users can now enjoy the following benefits of Arbitrum Network:

Embrace the forefront of optimistic rollup technology

Users can experience the power of state-of-the-art optimistic rollups, which bring about a revolutionary combination of heightened security, scalability, and decentralization. With this cutting-edge technology, Dfyn ensures that users can engage in transactions with utmost confidence while also enjoying seamless and fast operations on the platform.

Seamless compatibility with Ethereum-based tools and applications

Dfyn’s integration with Arbitrum guarantees effortless connectivity to the thriving Ethereum ecosystem. By seamlessly plugging into Ethereum-based tools and applications, Dfyn opens up a world of possibilities for its users, enabling them to interact with a vast array of decentralized applications (dApps) and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols without any hassles.

Join a flourishing ecosystem of prestigious projects

As you become a part of the Arbitrum network, you gain access to a blossoming ecosystem comprising high-profile projects and prominent players in the blockchain space. This network effect creates a dynamic environment, fostering collaboration, innovation, and synergy among diverse entities, which further enhances the value and utility of Dfyn’s platform.

Motivating grant incentives from Arbitrum

Recognizing the potential and impact of Dfyn, Arbitrum has generously offered a grant of 75,000 $ARB tokens to support and incentivize further expansion on their platform. This grant serves as a compelling testament to Dfyn’s prowess and potential to thrive within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

It not only bolsters Dfyn’s growth but also demonstrates the strong partnership between the two entities in driving the future of decentralized finance.

About Dfyn V2

Dfyn is the world’s first on-chain limit order DEX. It combines the power of an RFQ matching engine with a concentrated liquidity AMM.



Dfyn Network

Dfyn is the world’s first on-chain limit order DEX. It combines the power of an RFQ matching engine with a concentrated liquidity AMM.