We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Terra, the PoS blockchain network built on the Cosmos SDK that deploys a suite of fiat-pegged algorithmic stablecoins underpinning its DeFi ecosystem. Terra will leverage Dfyn’s fast-growing multichain DEX to expand the Terra platform on the Polygon Network.

With over 2 million users on its CHAI payment app, Terra is one of the fastest-growing blockchain payment networks in DeFi with significant real-world traction. Since its inception, the platform has become a successful demonstration of how traditional payments infrastructure can be improved with a single, efficient blockchain layer.

Terra’s suite of…

We are excited to announce that Dfyn Network IDO that took place on Polkastarter on May 10 was sold out in 15 minutes even though the gas fees were exorbitant that day. Participants paid almost $500 in Ethereum gas fees to secure an allocation of $300 at the public sale prices.

The IDO saw over 70,000 applicants and only 1.4% of them finally got in! Roughly 300 applicants were selected from the Dfyn community and whitelisting them was not the easiest task.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful folks at Polkastarter team who were…

We are excited to announce that $DFYN token rewards are now live on Dfyn network. The Dfyn community can now stake their LP tokens here to farm $DFYN tokens. Since many members of the community were unclear on the steps to follow for farming these tokens, we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to help you understand the entire farming process.

Before we start this guide, you should note that there are 9 different pools in which you can provide liquidity and earn DFYN tokens as rewards. These pools will have a combined daily reward of 400,000 DFYN tokens. …

We are excited to announce that the Incentivized Liquidity Program is now live on the Dfyn Exchange. We are committed to the distribution of DFYN tokens to the wider DFYN community. After the telegram airdrop event, we are launching a liquidity program that facilitates liquidity providers to earn DFYN tokens. This article has most of the answers to your questions regarding this liquidity program.

The liquidity program will be live from May 10th and will go on till May 23rd. There will be 9 different pools in which you can provide liquidity and earn DFYN tokens as rewards. These pools…


After a week of crunching data, filtering data, sending emails, tagging users on Telegram, filtering, re-filtering, and filtering again — we are happy to announce that Dfyn Final whitelisting has now completed.

First of all — thank you to all those who applied. We went through all the applications and after spending tireless nights in the filtering process we have come up with the list of final 1200+ applicants who will be allowed to participate in the Polkastarter Dfyn Sale on May 10 at 1:00 PM GMT. Contributions in only ETH will be accepted.

Please ensure you show up…

We received a total of 56,493 responses in the community pool for the Dfyn IDO on Polkastarter. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of applications for a small number of whitelist spots, 300 in total, meant that only a small percentage of those who applied could be whitelisted. To arrive at these 300 spots, our team followed a structured approach based on the conditions listed here. Although the majority of the selection process was automated using Python scripts, some stages in the process mandated manual intervention. In this post, we will delineate the entire selection procedure to make our approach transparent to…

Airdrop Announcement

As part of our efforts to continue to engage meaningfully with the DFYN community, we are extremely excited to finally bring to you the Dfyn airdrop for the contributing community members of Telegram. Dfyn will be distributing tokens to its longstanding community members to value their contribution to the project. We intend to distribute $DFYN amongst the community as widely and fairly as possible. This is the first such airdrop, there will be more. The airdrops will be normalized for quality of participation as well, in addition to quantum of participation. The selected community members will each get 100 $DFYN…

Well, that was incredible.

We are overwhelmed by the support we have received from our community. We thank all the members of the DFYN community who have participated in the community events and the whitelist process. DFYN community is the best, thank you for your confidence and your commitment to go on this journey with us.

Whitelist Stats:

  • We have received over 70,000 whitelisting applications for nearly 1000 spots
  • Our Telegram & Twitter community grew by 5x members to 20,000+ strong members.
  • Our tweets received over 1,000,000 impressions last week.
  • The Dfyn Exchange TVL is hitting all-time-high approaching $5 Million.

DFYN’s mission is a multi-blockchain future, we are committed to establishing a thriving multi-chain ecosystem that includes a trustless multi-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) coupled with an ultra-fast gasless automated market maker (AMM) which is optimized for the multi blockchain universe. By building a thriving multi-chain ecosystem, our mission is to onboard the next wave of crypto users into the DeFi world.

Team has devised the token distribution to be as fair as possible for all the stakeholders. …

IDO Whitelist Round 2

We are pleased to announce that starting now we are opening the second round of the whitelist for POLS holders. The first round started earlier and is still ongoing, which is a community round for NON-POLS holders.

This round of whitelists will have 700+ whitelisting spots for the POLS community. The $DFYN token will be one of the first few projects to launch with the newly upgraded Polkastatarter’s whitelisting system which is focused on lowering the barriers to entry in Polkastarter pools. …

Dfyn Network

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