As highlighted in our previous post — we shared that Dfyn will burn 400,675 $DFYN tokens in the remaining week.

We are pleased to share with all of you that was burn a success and that now there are less 400,675 $DFYN tokens in the world — which is roughly 2.12% of the entire circulating supply.

The tokens were transferred to the burn address — 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 .

On May 21, we announced an airdrop of DFYN tokens to our community of early supporters. To qualify for the airdrop, participants had to be liquidity provider on Dfyn Exchange, or swap assets on Dfyn prior to the May 1 cutoff date.

After updating the DFYN Graph node, the numbers have changed. While the number of swappers have remained the same, the number of liquidity providers eligible for the airdrop have went up.

We are excited to announce that Dfyn will hold its first token burn this week, removing 389,443 $DFYN tokens from the ecosystem. After a thorough evaluation of our tokenomics, and in line with accepted best practices on this front, we have decided to introduce regular monthly token burns to support the growth of our community and to add scarcity to $DFYN token.

Since launching our platform at the beginning of the year, Dfyn has managed to become one of the fastest-growing and most promising projects on Polygon. With close to $265 million in total value locked (TVL) since the launch…

We are thrilled to announce the launch of prediction markets on the Dfyn Exchange. Our newly introduced prediction markets will allow users to predict if the price of the assets will go up or down in the next 5 minutes.

Such products have actively existed and traded in the traditional financial markets, we are finally bringing binary prediction markets on Polygon. The mission of Dfyn is to make DeFi more accessible for the masses and we are starting off with one of the simplest financial instruments in the world.

In the current iteration, we are launching prediction markets for the…

We are pleased to announce the fourth phase of Dfyn Farms. Our last three phases of yield farming have been a massive success and have helped us maintain over $230 million in TVL.

A lot of new things are happening in our labs — we are gearing towards expanding Dfyn Exchange on other chains. Dfyn recently added support to OKEx chain and we are planning to target many other chains by the end of this quarter.

As we are going to launch a new phase of farming — please note that all of your existing farms will continue to function…

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Polytrade, a blockchain-based decentralized protocol that aims to revolutionize receivables financing. Dfyn will be the first decentralized exchange to list Polytrade’s native TRADE token and support the creation of a robust liquidity pool on the platform.

The Polygon network, formerly known as Matic, has witnessed a significant surge in expansion in the past several months. …

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with OKExChain, an exciting blockchain community created by OKEx, the leading cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange. This collaboration marks the latest in a series of important collaborations for both Dfyn and OKExChain, as both projects look to expand the rapidly growing DeFi ecosystem

Dfyn has launched an AMM node on OKExChain, enabling the official launch of the Dfyn Exchange on the blockchain. This is going to be the second Dfyn Exchange launch after the launch of Dfyn’s AMM on Polygon which gathered over $200 million in TVL. This collaboration is another step in…

In our bid to serve the Dfyn community with highly rewarding farming programs, we are incredibly excited to announce the third phase of yield farming initiative on

The first two phases of the farming initiative have helped become one of the top DEXes on Polygon, both in terms of volume and TVL. Even though the DeFi market has been going through a bit of a rough patch, Dfyn has still maintained a TVL of over $175M consistently, thanks to the unconditional trust shown by the Dfyn community. Additionally, over the past month, Dfyn has held its status as…

We are thrilled to announce that Dfyn will be partnering with MaticPad, the first DeFi accelerator platform based on Polygon.

In line with its vision of being a multichain AMM DEX anchored in Polygon, Dfyn will support and enable projects launching on MaticPad to drive more and more activity into the fast-growing Polygon ecosystem.

The recent growth that Polygon network has witnessed has primarily been due to project and communities looking to access a high-throughput and low fee network. To provide an easy gateway for such projects that want to enter the Polygon ecosystem, MaticPad is launching a decentralized accelerator…

We are excited to announce that Kattana, a cutting-edge trading terminal, has added Dfyn to the list of its supported exchanges. The move follows Kattana’s long-awaited integration with Polygon, set to bring a whole set of new benefits to the community.

Known as the “Bloomberg Terminal of DeFi,” Kattana has quickly found its place as a leader in the world of DeFi trading. Since its inception, the platform was envisioned as a unique, one-stop trading platform that can fulfill the needs of even the most advanced traders.

To do that, the platform has decided to integrate with Polygon, one of…

Dfyn Network is redefining DeFi for masses.

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